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Take Your Game to the Next Level with an Approved Ford Figo

Level up with an Approved Ford Figo, a hatchback that delivers an exceptional driving experience that is sure to turn you into a budding Ford fan. Its unique and eye-catching exterior design will see you arrive in style wherever you go and its surprisingly spacious interior gives you the room to let your hair down.

As a favourite on South African roads, you know that when you climb into the driver’s seat of an Approved Ford Figo that you are getting quality, reliability and sustainability all in one. As a budget-friendly travel companion, the Ford Figo delivers impressive power and performance for your adventures and provides a spectacular fuel economy.

Gear up to greatness by accessing a wide range of approved Ford Figos thanks to Ford Approved. Now, you can enjoy great deals and service in one place. Why wait? Get started today.

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10 vehicles available